Top 3 Data Center Predictions for 2021

While there’s no crystal ball to predict the future, one thing is certain; data centers will continue to play an essential role in our evolving landscape. As the world becomes increasingly digitized and data-driven, the demand for mission-critical infrastructure and data center services will continue to skyrocket. Emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, along with cloud and content providers will lean heavily on data center facilities to respond to a post-pandemic world’s digital needs. And the data center predictions for 2021 will shape the objectives of the IDC world.  

So what lies ahead for BDx and the booming data center industry?

Here’s our Top 3 Data Center Predictions for 2021.

1. Sustainability Initiatives will Lead the Way 

Now more than ever, the data center industry must do its part to reduce its impact on the environment. With more enterprises putting sustainability at the forefront, tackling climate change for data centers globally will become a top priority. Accounting for approximately 1% of global energy consumption, data centers in 2021 will leverage innovation across the ecosystem to fight climate change. Expect to see thermal management and other modern advancements take center stage in 2021.

How BDx is contributing: BDx and SRIT signed an MoU in late 2020 to build green, smart data centers together in China. This significant moment marked the start of BDx’s journey to reduce our data center carbon footprint and tackle the climate crisis.

Data Center Predictions for 2021 Probability-meter: 90%

2. Digitalization Moves Full-Steam Ahead 

As the pandemic moves into 2021, businesses begin to accept the harsh reality that remote environments are here to stay. The need to support a digital workforce will require additional IT infrastructures to provide resilient and reliable remote capabilities. In addition, remote visibility and management of data center assets will play an essential role in 2021 and beyond. Expect to see an increase in connectivity needs, remote monitoring, data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help leaders drive decisions. 

While businesses scale back their ground operations, their digital assets will still require a physical infrastructure that needs timely upkeep. The hard choice to deploy technicians into the field may prove unwarranted if they’re colocated with BDx. Ready for the future, BDx Smart Hands performs tasks on your behalf that typically require you to be physically present. Our 24x7x365 Global Operations experts based onsite at our BDx Data Centers will assist you and execute on your behalf, giving you the freedom and flexibility to remotely manage your environment. What’s more, BDx 360°, your digital connection to everything BDx, manages your colocation assets from any location or device. In addition to providing a 360° view into your infrastructure, you can create service requests, trouble tickets, access reports, and much more in just one click.

Data Center Predictions for 2021 Probability-meter: 95%

3. Data Centers Growth Continues  

As the need for capacity continues, expect to see even more data centers popping up around the world. According to the latest data center infrastructure forecast from Gartner, “Data center infrastructure spending is expected to grow 6% globally in 2021 as organizations begin to emerge from COVID-19’s computing stress test.” The report goes on to say, “End-user spending on global data center infrastructure products is expected to reach $200 billion in 2021. And that growth is expected to continue growing through 2024, as enterprises carry on in their efforts to build resilience and invest in digital transformation.”

With our Nanjing data center’s launch quickly approaching in 2021 to better meet our clients’ needs across APAC, our rapid growth continues amid challenges. We will also be announcing new extensions and additions to our portfolio soon.

Data Center Predictions for 2021 Probability-meter: 99%

At BDx, our future-proof facilities and services were designed to enable transformation, empowering organizations across industries and regions to stay competitive and connected. As we approach the New Year, we look forward to opening the doors to new opportunities for businesses throughout the hottest markets in the world. From Singapore to Hong Kong and China, our purpose-built data centers are more than prepared to solve tomorrow’s most critical challenges. 

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