BDx 360°

BDx 360°

Your Digital Connection to everything BDx.


BDx 360° was designed to meet the needs of today’s most savvy data center customers. Customer-centric and extremely user-friendly, this robust portal enables you to manage your colocation assets from the comfort of your browser or mobile. In addition to providing a 360° view into your infrastructure, in just one click, you can create service requests, trouble tickets, access all your reports and much more

Key Features

Our digital platform provides holistic insight into your colocation infrastructure as well as IT workloads across all BDx data centers. With the ability to access the tool from anywhere and over any device BDx 360° allows you to monitor important service metrics such as your IT workloads, AC Power trends and usage, trended temperature and humidity data etc. Integrated with ITSM features, this is your one stop portal for managing your hybrid environment. BDx 360° has the ability for end-to-end management of the customer DC access and equipment movement requests. We remain committed to help you manage your operational efficiencies and delight you with our customer focus.


  • Provides a holistic insight across your hybrid ecosystem covering BDx colocations and public cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • Proactively plan with feature rich reports and configurable alerts
  • Environmental Statistics viz Temperature and Humidity statistics
  • Manage your organisation wide access permissions
  • AC power draw trends across all your BDx assets
  • Digital Access Forms

How-To Video

We’ve only scratched the surface about BDx 360°. Stay tuned for How-To video:

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