Top 7 Headlines From BDx’s Biggest Year Yet

After a momentous year, it was challenging to narrow it down to the Top 7 highlights. 2021 came roaring in, and so did the rise of the digital era and the demand for data centers. And just like a pack of fearless lions, the BDx team rose to the occasion and overcame the obstacles to accelerate our presence across the Asia-Pacific to meet evolving hybrid enterprise needs.

The Year of Bold, Powerful Partnerships

In 2021, not only did our team launch award-winning data centers, they took a firm stance on sustainability. By forging purposeful partnerships, they pledged their commitment in significant ways to push the needle forward towards a carbon-free internet powered by carbon-free data centers. Our top headlines replay below will dive deeper into this critical alliance below.

Other powerful partnerships, alliances and agreements were formed in 2021 to streamline and digitize our product offerings, increase connectivity options and boost cloud offerings across our data centers spanning China, Hong Kong and Singapore. These strategic relationships include partnerships and agreements with a variety of industry-leading companies, including:

  • NOVA TECH to meet growing cloud demands
  • China Telecom to expand our digital footprint 
  • Citic to set up long-distance networking, internet and cloud connectivity in Nanjing 
  • Zuora to digitize and streamline our product bundles 

Award-Winning Team, Award-Winning Success 

From a brand and company culture perspective, our marketing team unveiled global initiatives and campaigns to close the gender gap and elevate BDx. Receipts of several awards, recognitions and shortlist nominations, our #BDxperts and data centers were deservingly honored throughout the world for their industry-leading expertise, dedication, innovation and creativity. Some of these most prestigious awards and acknowledgments include:

A Look Back at 2021 From a Forward-looking Lens

As our footprint and advanced portfolio of solutions continue to grow in the year ahead and beyond, we invite you to take a look back at BDx’s top headlines of 2021 — our biggest year to date — to get a closer look at the projects that earned BDx global headlines and awards! 

A Replay of BDx’s Top 7 Headlines of 2021

1. BDx Goes Live with the First Phase of Its 35MW Data Center Campus in Nanjing, China

After much anticipation, in April, we celebrated the launch of our NKG Data Center Campus in Nanjing, China, with the first phase, NKG1, going live. 

2. BDx Kicks Off Global Women in Tech Celebration on International Women’s Day

We celebrated women in tech in a big way by launching our #BDxtheGap challenge on International Women’s Day. The week-long initiative showcased our company’s commitment to closing the gender gap across technology.

3. Big Data Exchange, National University of Singapore and Sembcorp Marine to Explore Development of Sustainable Ocean Data Centers

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), BDx, NUS and Sembscorp committed to exploring the feasibility of developing groundbreaking sustainable ocean data centers. This strategic alliance also seeks to address the growing climate and sustainability challenges facing the data center industry and environment.

4. BDx Expands Capacity at Its SIN1 Singapore Data Center to 8MW

Completion of the first phase of capacity upgrades at SIN1 added 2MW of vital capacity. Future upgrades to our SIN1 facility will also include four floors and an extra 8MW of IT. This will take the total capacity to 14MW, up from 3.6MW when BDx acquired the facility last year. The capacity upgrade also improves energy efficiency by 20%

5. BDx Inks Agreement with Red Dot Analytics to Increase Sustainability Across Its Asia Pacific Data Centers

The first phase of the three-year project with RDA, a Singapore-based pioneer in the industrial artificial intelligence (AI) space, will focus on cooling and PUE optimization across our facilities. This agreement enables BDx to identify inefficiencies by leveraging RDA’s Data Center Solution that integrates AI-driven applications and automation.

6. BDx Launches Flexible Data Halls to Meet Eastern China’s High-Density Power Requirements From Nanjing

With the launch of Flexible Data Halls in our High-Density Data Center, NKG1 Nanjing, customers can deploy varying power densities in their colocation spaces. By leveraging intelligent power distribution systems, NKG1 can now support up to 10 kW cabinet deployments seamlessly as a default deployment requiring zero changes to the fitouts.

7. NKG1 Named Model Data Center for New Digital Infrastructure in Yangtze River Delta Region 2021

This prestigious accolade was presented by the China Communications Industry Association (CCIA) and IDC Circle committee (Institute for the Development of Central China) during IDC’s Annual Circle Awards, considered one of China’s most influential honors. 

What’s Ahead for BDx? It Starts at PTC’22

From launching revolutionary sustainability initiatives and solutions to new data center projects in the most emerging markets globally, BDx has a robust roadmap to navigate in 2022. To kick off the new year, BDx leadership will be heading to PTC (Pacific Telecom Council), the industry’s most prominent event, from January 16-19. Not only are we looking forward to networking in person, but BDx is also a PTC Awards Show Patron Sponsor and a shortlist nominee for the PTC’s Best Startup award. To set up a meeting with our team in Hawaii at PTC, click here

BDx customers — at the core of our mission —  can expect the same unmatched superior service, but with even more experienced experts to securely deploy your critical infrastructure needs. In 2022, BDx will continue its strategic growth and partnerships to deliver the ability to reach additional sought-after markets.

To ’22 and Beyond 

From high-density data centers to introducing first-of-its-kind solutions to enable a more sustainable future, BDx is ready to bring on the new year! 

Thank you to our customers, partners, the media, and our team for supporting our Big Innovation and Big Ideas this year. More to come in 2022.

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