Top 5 Benefits of Colocation in China

Colocation in China is exploding. In fact, according to a recent report, the China data center colocation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22.12%, reaching a total market size of over $6billion in 2025 from over $2 billion in 2019. China is also the second-largest data center market in the world, and in response to its expected growth in the coming years, producers and providers of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructure are entering into the action. With new plants in China popping up to manufacture fiber optic and copper solutions to meet the country’s datacenter’s requirements, colocation in China is becoming more efficient than ever. With that said, BDx is making its own mark across China with flexible colocation solutions to meet local and global enterprise needs, while delivering the benefits of colocation in China in a simplistic and effective way. 

It’s no secret that colocation in China has become increasingly desirable for businesses looking to scale in this highly competitive market. Due to China’s thriving economy and a growing shift to digital services, including China’s digital currency revolution, China continues to appeal to local and global businesses alike. At the same time, colocating in China can be a challenge, and that’s why you need an experienced team to guide you through the process; to enable you to reap the true benefits of colocation in China. 

In this article, we explore how BDx empowers you to take advantage of all the potential benefits of colocation in China. Here’s a closer look at the top 5 reasons to colocate with BDx in some of the fastest-growing data centers and markets in China.

1. Scalability and Flexibility

First things first, as your company grows, so does your data, and with it, your capacity needs. Colocation services from BDx were designed to meet today’s scaling requirements. Whether you are expanding your business within China or just now entering Chinese soil, colocation provides the flexibility needed to accommodate migration demands, additional capacity, and higher bandwidth levels during peak times without compromising on security. Colocation also enables companies with the ability to scale rapidly and seamlessly, eliminating months to years of planning. 

As enterprises focus on moving towards an all-digital post-pandemic era to improve customer experience and become more agile overall, their needs are changing, and our data centers provide the flexibility needed to evolve. According to ISG, enterprises are embracing colocation in the data center market as a way to enable multi-cloud strategies and deal with concerns about data sovereignty, security and privacy regulations. Not every workload was made for the cloud, and our colocation and managed services allow businesses across China to implement the most tailored hybrid strategies to meet their growing needs. 

2. Increased Savings

When building and operating your own data center is just not an option, colocating within one becomes a strategic, cost-effective alternative. Enterprises are afforded ongoing savings by choosing to go colo due to the cost-sharing model that it presents. Without a doubt, colocation delivers value in more ways than one. However, the most significant value lies in our meet-me rooms (MMR), where a vast selection of network solutions provides businesses with high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity from various carriers. At BDx, our carrier-neutral facilities enable our colocation customers with the ability to design the network infrastructure that meets their individual requirements and needs. In addition, via cross-connects and hybrid IT designs, enterprises colocating in China with BDx can fully optimize their workloads. What’s more, businesses are able to have a better outlook on future operational expenses as colocation presents a very predictable OpEx model. 

3. Redundancy, Disaster Preparedness, Reduced Downtime 

Costly outages and disasters that can set a business back millions of dollars are avoidable with colocation services at multi-certified data centers through SLAs. Our NKG1 data center is the first data center in Nanjing to be awarded the Tier III certificate by Uptime Institute; for more details, click here. Throughout BDx’s facilities, our team provides expert maintenance, monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting to help prevent potential disasters like system failures, security breaches, and outages. Not to mention the 24/7/365 support and remote hands services available for when your IT team can’t be at the facility in-person. Our purpose-built data centers were designed keeping redundancy in mind. From cooling to UPS to diesel generators and CRAH, BDx ensures continuous operations regardless of natural, physical, or security vulnerabilities. 

4. Security 

From the most advanced physical security to the latest in cybersecurity protocols, security is an essential and critical benefit of colocation. Keeping your assets and data safe around-the-clock by applying the most up-to-date security policies, technologies, and incident response procedures is vital to your business. From entering our facility to deploying managed backup services and more, our operations team proactively monitors your assets’ security. Throughout our locations, security measures can be found at every turn. With24/7/365 multi-layered security controls at all access points, CCTV, highly trained security personnel, and biometric controls wherever needed ensure that your data and equipment are in the most secure and reliable environment. BDx also offers Managed Security Services options to deliver 

perimeter device monitoring, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and compliance checks. 

5. Smart Hands Access

Now that you gained more insight into some of the top benefits of colocation at BDx, we saved Smart Hands, one of the best advantages offered in today’s environment, for last. Smart Hands is the ability to manage your physical assets virtually. This virtualized service ultimately provides many benefits, including a reduction in travel costs and the ability to focus on digital transformation and other initiatives. Our solution, BDx Smart Hands, provides customers with the flexibility to perform basic tasks to skilled functions from any device or any location. As part of this service, our experienced team can also assist with visual inspections, Rack & Stack, cabling needs, power cycling your IT equipment and emergency replacements. As you look at all of the benefits of colocation in China, having Smart Hands in place as an extension of your team to provide on-site support saves you valuable time, money, and resources, while ensuring that your assets are protected and operating and optimal efficiency. 

As your ally to outperform the competition, BDx’s rapid expansion across the hottest data center markets in the Asia Pacific region includes state-of-the-art facilities across Mainland China, including Guangzhou, and a highly anticipated data center cluster set to launch in Nanjing. As the demand for capacity continues to grow, so does the need for highly secure, cost-effective colocation services, and BDx delivers just that. Our carrier-neutral datacenters provide a global and local network with an impressive list of IDCs located in Mainland China and top overseas markets for organizations to leverage to keep businesses booming in a competitive and evolving challenging environment. To learn more about our colocation services, click here. To schedule a tour, contact us today.