The Unsung Heroes of BDx: Meet Andrey Yuan – Nanjing’s Data Center Operations Guru

Welcome to the first installment of the Unsung Heroes of BDx. This unique series highlights the team working behind-the-scenes to ensure seamless data center operations and maintenance throughout our facilities. Rapidly emerging across the Asia Pacific region amid a challenging yet evolving time is no small feat. Over this past year, our essential teams worked meticulously to keep our data centers operating at the superior levels that enterprises demanded, while getting ready to launch sites. And although their jobs already play an essential role here at BDx, they were forced to pivot and work in new ways throughout the pandemic, and their functions became even more vital to our customers and team.

So today, we launch the Unsung Heroes of BDx in Nanjing, China, where we are counting down the days until our NKG1 data center opens its doors for service. Here we caught up with Andrey Yuan, Operations Manager, to discuss how data center management and colocation have changed over the last year, how the pandemic has impacted critical operations, what lies ahead and more. Andrey also gives us a glimpse into his life outside work and provides insight to those looking to explore a career in the data center industry. 

“Things have their roots and things have always.”

物有本末,事有始终 – Andrey Yuan

Let’s get to know Andrey Yuan, a data center operations #BDxpert that holds PMP and ITIL 4 certifications, is a music enthusiast, and an all-around team player. 

Andrey, it’s been a tough year, but enough about the challenges. Let’s start on a positive note. Tell us, what is the biggest accomplishment you have achieved over the last year?

I would have to say that establishing the operations and maintenance team from the ground up and contributing to the implementation of NKG1’s critical operational and maintenance systems and plans were my most significant accomplishments. Also, I am eager to get NKG1 ready for service.

As we look ahead, what’s the most critical area of data center management and colocation that needs to be considered as companies prepare for the future?

I personally think that the most important area to consider for the future is value and customer satisfaction. Companies need to look towards the future with an eye on how colocation and data center management create value as they look to scale. Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with value; you can’t create value without being satisfied with your assets and how they are being managed. 

How would you describe BDx’s response to data center management and operations throughout the pandemic?

Our operations and maintenance teams have formulated a comprehensive set of pandemic emergency and daily management control plans for NKG1. These detailed plans also encompass health and safety prevention and control.

What are some of the challenges you have faced over this past year at the data center? 

During the project handover process, our operations and maintenance teams faced many challenges, but all work is proceeding steadily through our joint efforts.

Where do you see IT heading? 

The future of IT is service + technology-oriented.

When you’re not managing mission-critical infrastructure and data centers, where can we find you? 

Because ops work is 24/7/365, I can be found managing at any time, even at home. However, I do enjoy peaceful walks along Xuanwu Lake in my spare time.

As an unsung hero of BDx, what advice can you give to those looking to break into the data center space? 

When you are determined to enter into the data center industry, you will need to make extensive preparations. This includes understanding the various technologies but also includes preparing yourself mentally, to meet the various challenges you will face.

As BDx continues to grow, we recognize Andrey, who is at the heart of BDx, day in and day out, keeping our data centers up and running and creating value for our clients. With expansion plans already on the horizon in Nanjing for NGK2, BDx is carrying out its mission to be the best at what we do for our customers, even amid a global pandemic, thanks to the unsung heroes of BDx and our entire team.  

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