One Year of Covid-19: Salute to the Resilient BDx Operations Team

This week marks a year since the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Hong Kong. It has been a challenging year here in Asia, the epicenter of the virus, and throughout the world. Three hundred and sixty-five days filled with disbelief, confusion and hope. And just because many are wearing it well doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. They’ve lived through one year of Covid-19.

Through the course of this rollercoaster year, the team at BDx experienced many ups and downs. Glimpses of light, suddenly overshadowed by darkness. However, we pushed through the obstacles and came together to strengthen the BDx brand, team and footprint. 

But today, we pause to celebrate and acknowledge the unsung heroes of BDx who shone during the pandemic, the men and women of BDx’s Global Data Center Operations Team. These astounding essential workers continue to work tirelessly to keep our customers connected amid challenging times. 

Working around-the-clock to ensure our data centers operate at the superior levels that enterprises demand, our team continually goes above and beyond to ensure minimal disturbances to businesses globally while providing and deploying reliable, secure, and scalable colocation and remote operations. Leaving nothing to chance, our customers have the option of monitoring all operations as well as their assets through a Customer portal that incorporates Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) services

Since the onset of the pandemic, the BDx team has accommodated critical data center visits if needed, and launched, implemented, and managed remote access requests. What’s more, a sophisticated suite of solutions was designed to meet today’s unique environment.  

As we pave the path ahead, our team continues to minimize the risks to all staff and visitors from site security, network operations, and facilities management; without getting complacent, even after one year of Covid-19.

With new phases, strains, and restrictions on the horizon, we couldn’t be more thankful to have such a dedicated and talented BDx Global Operations Team in place. Through the toughest of times, this hard-working team displayed such dedication, grit and perseverance, and today we express gratitude. Thank you for carrying out the BDx mission to be the best at what we do for our customers, even amid a global pandemic.