Choosing to Challenge During Challenging Times: A Celebration of Leadership and Innovation with the Women Behind BDx

At a time when glass ceilings are being shattered, women across the world are breaking through barriers, records, and stigmas without any sign of slowing down in sight! The path to getting to where they are today has been an awe-inspiring journey. A mission to say the least. It’s been a winding road with several roadblocks, and while their journey continues to close the gap completely, their path will only go onwards and upwards from here.

When BDx launched a year ago, our team wanted to show their commitment to closing the gender gap by creating a culture of inclusion and diversity where opportunities are endless and available to all. Creating this culture from various parts of the world due to the pandemic was challenging. However, despite the distance and disruptions, we pledged to continue on this journey together and champion the success and development of our women here at BDx and worldwide. Along this path, we launched an empowering blog series, The Women Behind BDxto showcase how women are injecting innovation across the company while meeting unique demands in an evolving landscape. 

[Tech] is changing our lives,” says Gates, “and so women have to be able to have their great ideas come forward, not just have a seat at the table, but have their great ideas come forward to help change society.” Melinda Gates

We traveled virtually across Asia and other parts of the world to interview each of our leading ladies to gain insight, hear their stories, learn about their challenges and what keeps them motivated. During these impactful Q&As, they touched on who inspires them, work-life balance, how technology is an exciting sector for women to work in, and they even provided their own words of wisdom to let their voices be heard! 

They are champions, award-winners, trailblazers, rising stars, mentors, and change makers, but most importantly, our leaders, our next-generation, our #BDxperts, and the pulse of our team. Shaping the future of our data centers and the industry as a whole, we celebrate them today and every day as we embark on our brand-new initiative to #BDxTheGap

BDx The Gap 

This week, in honor of International Women’s Day, we are so excited to unveil our #BDxTheGap campaign and challenge. As part of this initiative, we stand in solidarity and raise our hands high to show we are committed to choose to challenge, call out inequality, and close the gender gap here in Asia and across the world. This impactful campaign was created by women, supported by all, and designed to not only challenge but to foster innovation, disruption, and out-of-the-box ideas. 

Throughout the #BDxTheGap campaign, we will reintroduce all of the Women Behind BDx, and all-week long across our social media platforms, you can meet some of the powerful women we work with from CITIC, HGC, JSA, Zuora, and Vodafone, test and increase your knowledge by participating in our polls, and shoutout women who inspire you, (click here to follow us on LinkedIn to join in on our mission.) Be sure to stay tuned towards the end of the week, where we will launch the finale to our epic week of honoring women.

Now that you’ve learned more about our commitment to #BDxTheGap, without further ado, let’s meet the Women Behind BDx. 

Jennifer Spano, Director of Marketing

Location: Hong Kong 

‍Jenn has been with BDx since our inception and has contributed immensely to developing our brand’s strategic public relations, marketing, advertising and event campaigns. Recently, she launched our fashioned website,, and played an integral part in creating our #BDxTheGap campaign. Moreover, Jenn was named one of the World’s 50 Most Influential Marketers in the Data Economy.

Q: You were recognized in 2020 by Data Economy as one of the 50 most influential marketers in the world! What does a recognition of that magnitude mean to you?‍

It’s huge! It’s something I’ve been working towards my entire career. Furthermore, I am super humbled that I made this prestigious list within the first six months of being in the data center and technology industries. When I sought to relocate to Asia, this is why – to get a different experience than what I was getting in Canada and grow that experience and knowledge that I accumulated into something great. This industry is always in motion, and to be able to be recognized as an influencer is an amazing honor. And honestly, it’s pretty motivating. I’m excited to keep pushing and see where else I may land.

Words of Wisdom: “If you’re good at what you do, you won’t have to remind people you’re a woman.” Jennifer Spano

Kelly Ho, Service and Delivery Assurance Manager

Location: Hong Kong 

Kelly Ho, a yogini who won the Data Center Solutions Award for most data center racks sold in a single bid in 2015, believes in leveraging challenges for growth opportunities and always believes in herself. As the face of the industry continues to evolve, Kelly is growing with it and is a symbol of BDx’s own evolution and strength. 

Q: Who’s your favorite female inspiration?

Marie Skłodowska Curie. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person and the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice, and the only person to win the Nobel Prize in two scientific fields. Marie spent years experimenting to prove the existence of radioactive substances. To me, the lesson is, if you believe in something, keep trying and have faith that there will be good to come of it.

Words of Wisdom: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

Acquilin John, Digital Growth Strategist

Location: India 

Acquilin plays a vital role in our digital messaging across channels. From enhancing our brand’s social media presence to helping design our upcoming podcast (stay tuned for more details), Acquilin’s creativity, experience and expertise will set BDx apart from the rest. 

Just shy of her first BDx work anniversary, Acquilin is already making her mark on the data center industry, and she’s always searching for new opportunities to help the company grow. 

Q: Favorite technology?

I’m fascinated by the technology I don’t understand and can’t use yet. I’m currently doing a deep dive into the practical aspects of quantum computing. So far, I’ve learned that all the stuff that pop science has taught me about quantum computing is hogwash.  

Words of Wisdom: “Relax, you’re doing fine!” Acquilin John

Karin Wong, Director of Human Resources

Location: Hong Kong

Karin believes in the importance of work-life balance, especially for working mothers across industries, and plans to use her voice to empower all women to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally, without sacrificing their productivity. 

Q: Who’s your favorite female inspiration?

Michelle Obama

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.” Karin Wong

Meng Liu, Operations Manager

Location: China 

Open-minded and a true travel aficionado, Meng brings her unmatched problem-solving skills and knowledge to BDx’s thriving team. In today’s challenging landscape, Meng’s unique way of dealing with obstacles empowers other employees to collaborate and work together to meet evolving customer demands. With Meng at the helm of our Operations Team, customers can rest assured that their journey is being steered by the very best in the business.

Q: What is most challenging about being a woman in technology?

I haven’t found anything challenging about being a woman in technology thus far. 

Words of Wisdom. “Don’t be afraid of new arenas.” Elon Musk

Keep reaching for the stars, ladies! We are with you every step of the way and are excited to reach new heights across the data center and technology industries while we continue to expand our footprint.

In a historically male-dominated industry, here’s proof that great progress is being made. We look forward to the positive transformation that will arise as the industry continues to evolve.


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