The Unsung Heroes of BDx: Leung Wing Onn – Singapore’s Senior Data Center Operations Ace

Welcome back to the Unsung Heroes of BDx, the blog series dedicated to our essential operation teams. This exciting installment takes us to Singapore, home of our SIN1 data center, where we caught up with Leung Wing Onn, Senior Data Center Operations Manager. As the increase in demand for colocation, connectivity, cloud, and DCIM solutions rises in Singapore, so does the need for elite operations and performance. Enterprises are looking to boost their IT efficiencies and address emerging trends and complex security and regulatory concerns, and that’s where Leung and our operations teams excel. From maintenance of critical infrastructure to monitoring assets, our essential teams enable our customers to run their data center investments more proficiently. 

As a key member of our operations team, Leung plays a vital role in keeping our Singapore facility and customers operating at a superior level. He is also the recipient of several awards and recognitions, including the BDx Certificate of Appreciation and PacNet Super Star Award

During this Q&A, we sat down with Leung to discuss how the pandemic has impacted critical operations, what lies ahead and more. Leung also gives us a glimpse into his life outside of the data center and provides insight to those looking to explore a career in the data center industry. 

” If we cannot be the first, we can be the best.” -Leung Wing Onn

Leung, how has data center management changed over the past year, specifically across the Asia-Pacific region?

The size of a data center was a few MegaWatts of capacity in the past, and now we are beginning to see new data centers being built over 100 MegaWatts. At the same time, the number of data centers throughout APAC is drastically multiplying. This growth presents a nice challenge for data center operations. We need to develop new ways of working and new processes to manage large data centers regionally and globally.

What is the biggest accomplishment you have achieved over the last year?

I think the most significant achievement is that I was able to help facilitate a seamless operational transition during the acquisition of SIN1 from Telstra to BDx. Our customers are very satisfied and delighted. The data center operations team delivered the same level of service and support to all customers before, during and after the transition. 

Where do you see IT heading? 

Data is becoming an essential supply to humanity, just like water and air. More than likely, most data is being stored in data centers around the world, which will continue to cause a surge in demand for infrastructure and mission-critical services. Since the onset of the pandemic, organizations are embracing cloud-based services more than ever. We also see cloud computing move to the forefront, and it will stay there well into the future. This change is escalating the advent of superfast transmission speed both in mobile and submarine cable communication. We are living in an exciting era, where IT leaders are enjoying many new types of innovation. 

How has the pandemic impacted the way you approach critical operations? 

Fortunately, our data centers are highly automated with multiple layers of monitoring. Our local SOC team and remote NOC team, work 24×7 on a shift-based rotation; therefore, the impact on operations is considered minimal. However, we implemented strict control measures to mitigate the risk of coronavirus spreading in our facilities. 

What’s your favorite destination inside SIN1? 

My favorite destination is the Meet-Me-Room (MMR). The MMR works like an organization’s nerve center where all the critical signals concentrate at the same location and exchange amongst telecom carriers locally and globally. We have more than 10 telecom service providers in our MMR. Our customers have multiple connections with different carriers to satisfy their bandwidth needs and redundancy connections.

When you’re not managing mission-critical infrastructure and data centers, where can we find you? 

I like to go to the park on the east side of Singapore for a walk with my wife during the weekends. I find looking at the sea and trees very relaxing. At the same time, I enjoy the exercise.

As an unsung hero of BDx, what advice can you give to those looking to break into the data center space? 

Be ready to learn new technologies and embrace teamwork. This industry is a challenging environment where teamwork is so important. It requires everyone to work together to achieve 100% uptime for our customers who have entrusted their critical business operations to us.

As BDx paves the path ahead, we recognize Leung and the rest of the operations team who keep our Singapore data center up and running smoothly. With expansion plans in Singapore already in the works, Leung will play a key role in ensuring operational success. Thank you, Leung, for the insights! Stay tuned for more impactful installments of The Unsung Heroes of BDx! 

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