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“At BDx, we deliver the same promise to our employees as we do to our customers — you won’t get better service anywhere else.

BDx employees are our biggest and best asset and are all treated with a high level of respect, honesty and integrity. We foster opportunities for growth, where you can ultimately drive your own career path.

In a competitive landscape, BDx strives to outperform the competition by working with top talent that’s dedicated, passionate and innovative.”

 - Braham Singh, CEO


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BDX China Counsel
Legal, Regulatory and Compliance
Najing/Guangzhou, China
Data Center Product Manager
Data Center
Facilities Technician
Data Center
Hong Kong
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Transform your career with BDx - APAC’s emerging Data Center Cluster

As we continue ourrapid growth across Asia, BDx demands the most knowledgeable, customer-driven, and dedicated team members. Built on a solid foundation of trust, integrity and innovation, our diverse BDx community is passionate about transformation and building right-sized services and solutions for customers.

At BDx - an essential business that’s part of an exploding industry - you can be sure you will always be challenged and given the opportunity to shine! From a full benefits package to a generous annual leave program to internal awards and recognition, BDx has you covered! 


Stronger, together

BDx is a highly collaborative company that works together to overcome challenges to achievegoals while delivering an unmatched customer experience across the globe. Future-driven and committed to excellence, BDx cultivates an environment where team members can thrive and grow.  

Why join the BDx Team? 

BDx’s Market Opportunity

  Be a part of a growing company that provides transformative solutions for enterprises across the globe.

Your BDx Career Path

BDx offers unlimited opportunities for individual growth and development.

The BDx Culture 

  From the top-down, our talented team is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive environment.

The key to BDx success?
Our people.

  “Everyone at BDx is respectful, open and accessible. Every day, I am challenged to figure out new ways to solve problems.”
Acquilin John, Digital Growth Strategist
“The true meaning of teamwork can be felt at BDx. BDx enables its employees to share their ideas and thoughts freely with the top leadership - the connection and pride everyone has is very unique.”
Lakshmi Sona Singh, Business Development Manager 
“Ideas are encouraged and considered across all departments, and everyone collaborates and contributes to bringing those ideas to life.”
Karin Wong, Senior Manager-Human Resources 
“The BDx culture is open, and there is teamwork across the company, irrespective of rank and experience.”
  Lay Khuan Soh, Sales
“BDx leadership places their full trust in its team and encourages all of us to learn and grow together. In this industry, that is really hard to come by.”
  Meng Liu, Operations Manager 


What we stand for

Lead by Example

When we started building our team, leadership decided that it was critical to forming a team with inspiring working attitudes. They felt this was the only way BDx would be able to deliver its brand promise and effectively communicate internally and externally. As we continue to grow, leadership continues to lead by example and inspires all BDx employees to be the BEST they can be.
Are you ready to be inspired? 

Make an Impact

Our employees are making a serious impact across the globe by successfully deploying data center services and solutions for leading brands. As the world continues to rely on data centers and innovation, be a part of the transformation and help businesses reach their full potential. We also are committed to climate change and reducing our environmental impact. 

Embrace the Change

Change is inevitable in today’s world. At BDx, we embrace the power of change, and our team is at the forefront of bringing change to life. From developing cutting-edge technologies and platforms to help our clients change the way they do businesses to building state-of-the-art data centers to facilitate growth, BDx is ready for change.
Are you?

Love what you do.