The Women Behind BDx: Sales in the Lion City. Meet Lay Khuan Soh

The third episode of our empowering blog series, The Women Behind BDx, brings us to the Island of Singapore. Here, BDx recently officially launched our state-of-the-art data center, SIN1(In case you missed the virtual celebration, click here to watch it on-demand!) With BIG things on the horizon for BDx in the Lion City, our team is growing tall and robust, lighting up the industry, just like Singapore’s iconic supertrees. 

In Singapore, and throughout APAC, BDx continues to champion the success and development of our leading ladies. With each new Women Behind BDx installment, you gain insight into BDx’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and how each of our superstars are encouraging and empowering others. Making a BIG impact in Singapore and throughout the data center world, these incredible and inspiring women are taking the artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning industries by storm and carrying out the BDx mission to be the best at what we do.  

The ladies of BDx are a symbol of our evolution and strength, holding significant roles across our team. As we pave the path ahead and move into a digitally-driven future, you will find one of our leading ladies steering the way. Whether it’s delivering the Rolls Royce of onboarding, building our company’s innovative culture, or meeting customers’ unique connectivity demands, the ladies of BDx are at every turn. 

“We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.” -Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

As we continue this captivating and ever so popular series, it is our pleasure to introduce Lay Khuan Soh, Senior Sales Director. Lay Khuan, a BDx rising star, has already contributed immensely to our team. She is the first recipient of the BDx employee recognition program from our CEO, Braham Singh. The entire BDx team couldn’t be more proud and excited that Lay Khuan was honored with this internal recognition, and we are looking forward to watching her shine. 

Let’s meet Lay Khuan Soh, our Sales #BDxpert

What makes BDx different from other places you’ve worked?

BDx has a growing team of experienced professionals across all functional areas, and everyone is making a difference in building BDx to be a world-class data center brand. The critical difference is the deployment of the deep layers across all its data center assets and the speed of development. BDx’s automated processes are designed to meet today’s customers’ requirements and expectations.   

What is your proudest BDx career moment and why?

Joining a thriving sales team and participating in establishing and reviewing processes was a great learning moment for all of us. Especially, because each sales team member comes from a diverse work-related background and culture. Bringing it all together and making it work from the word GO makes me proud each and every day. 

Additionally, another proud career moment for me is when I was recently recognized for my efforts within the first three months of joining BDx, receiving a citation from our CEO. It helps boost the efforts overall, knowing that the company acknowledges hard work and deep dive engagement. 

How would you describe the BDx culture?

I would say that the BDx culture is open, and there is teamwork across the company, irrespective of rank and experience. COVID-19 has shown our resiliency in how we can step up and work virtually as a team across the company. The senior leadership team is supportive, and there is an opportunity for all of us to grow, learn and contribute. 

Tell us about your typical day at BDx? 

A typical day at BDx is full of action!  At our newly launched SIN1 data center in Singapore we are hard at work onboarding customers. This means a lot of interaction with clients, our operations teams, finance, as well as legal. Marketing has also been very closely involved with sales during this period. As things have settled, we are pursuing new opportunities for this data center and the unique assets we are planning. 

What is most challenging about being a woman in technology?

Technology knows no gender bias and companies recognize that increasingly each day. BDx is undoubtedly one such company where gender does not play a role in being selected for a job, and we are all hoping to be positive role models to reduce the gender gap further, or remove it completely.

Who’s your favorite female inspiration?

Se Ri PakPak changed the game. She is one of the most influential pioneers in golf and has inspired an entire generation of Korean golfers during her 20-year professional career. Indeed, she had won many games, but it is her passion that encourages many others to get into the game. A role model – a driver!

Favorite technology?

Every aspect of it! From subsea cables to satellites in the GEO orbit. And it is incredible how Data Centers are getting to the core of a connected world.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I enjoy most outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, gardening and golfing, the latter being my current favorite pastime. Unfortunately, it has been challenging to have a game these days with work and the COVID-19 situation. 

Words of Wisdom 

“Give your best always and the best will come to you.” – Soh Lay Khuan

BDx would like to thank Lay Khuan for her continued hard work, resourcefulness and dedication. We are proud to have her leading our sales department and playing an integral role in launching our SIN1 data center in Singapore, the third largest data center hub in the world. 

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