The Women Behind BDx: Meet Nikita Singasane, BDx’s Commercial Operations Analyst

The next episode of our empowering blog series, The Women Behind BDx, brings us to Nikita Singasane, Commercial Operations Analyst for BDx based in India. 

After a year of rapid growth amid challenging times, we couldn’t be more proud to feature Nikita. BDx would like to take a moment to reflect upon how the leading ladies of BDx united to help overcome many obstacles to deliver the BDx promise to be the BEST at what we do.

Playing an integral role in growing BDx’s diverse company culture, Nikita’s curiosity, determination, and passion shine through everything she does. For both her BDx teammates and our customers, she sets the bar high! A woman unafraid to take chances, Nikita is a wonderful role model for women looking to enter the evolving world of technology and is determined to help break down the barriers many women may face.  

“I know that I’m breaking down barriers. And I know that in the end, I’m doing a great thing.”-Hope Solo

Let’s meet Nikita Singasane, our Commercial Operations #BDxpert:

What makes BDx different from other places you’ve worked?

Equality! At BDx, we are all treated equally with respect. There’s no superiority or inferiority at BDx, and leadership provides an environment that fosters growth and development. 

What is your proudest BDx career moment, and why?

Just being a part of such a driven, next-gen organization like BDx, makes me proud every day.

What, in your eyes, sets BDx apart from its competition?

A customer’s concern becomes a company concern. Everyone at BDx is very supportive, and all BDx employees strive to achieve the company’s end goal of having happy, satisfied customers. 

How would you describe the BDx culture?

The data center and technology sectors are the most booming businesses in our era. As a multicultural group of executives and specialists, we continually collaborate and brainstorm on new ways to create and innovate. 

Tell us about your typical day at BDx? 

After sipping a cup of hot tea, I have a virtual meeting with my teammates to plan out the day. After that, I spend the remainder of the workday completing tasks.

What is most challenging about being a woman in technology?

Dealing with a pre-assumed mindset that women can’t handle technology is the biggest challenge and most significant reason behind fewer women entering into technology.

What traits define you?

My name’s meaning majorly defines my personality: A house that holds everyone together, like a strong team.

Favorite technology?

Anything that saves time and human effort.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I enjoy playing with my daughter and trying to make new and traditional Indian dishes. I also enjoy gardening.  

Words of Wisdom:

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects is the secret of creative people.”

BDx would like to thank Nikita for her hard work and dedication over this past year. Her unmatched skills are hard to find, and we are lucky to have her a part of the growing BDx team. Stay tuned for new and exciting interviews, blogs, videos and more in 2021.

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