BDx Data Center Spotlight: Introducing HKG2, Hong Kong New Territories Data Center

The next stop on BDx’s Data Center Spotlight Series tour brings us to Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, home of BDx’s state-of-the-art data center, HKG2. As one of the largest and busiest ports globally, Kwai Chung is the top commercial cargo handling area of Hong Kong. Its close proximity to the city and APAC’s bustling markets make it the perfect location for HKG2, BDx’s world-class colocation and data center facility. 

Filled with modern architecture and historic charm, Kwai Chung is located in Hong Kong’s New Territories, which makes up half of Hong Kong’s population. Multinational businesses are scaling across Hong Kong, and as an international banking and financial hub, the nation is embracing new technologies, and HKG2 is ready to empower transformation and deliver BIG Ideas, BIG Innovation, and BIG Results!   

The Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

Global Demand, Global Possibilities

Known as one of the most important financial bases in the world, Hong Kong is rapidly developing into a leading FinTech destination. In fact, this industry stayed resilient despite recent COVID-19 challenges, and FinTech is a strategic sector that the Hong Kong government is investing resources in to boost its growth. As financial technology continues to prosper in the region, so does its demand for data center services. According to a recent study revealed at Hong Kong’s Fintech week, an estimated 86% of Hong Kong’s banks are expected to implement contactless payment systems over the next five years. The pandemic has also fueled an increase in demand across multiple other industries for data center services in Hong Kong. Data centers continue to play a pivotal role for cloud, content, and streaming providers and are keeping the world connected as the internet ecosystem’s backbone. Thus, placing BDx’s HKG2 at the prime intersection for businesses looking to spur innovation and stay ahead of the competition. 

Prime Location, Preeminent Offerings  

Strategically located at the Watson Centre, HKG2 services customers across a multitude of verticals, including OTT, financial and professional services, local and global enterprises, telecom, healthcare and government. As with all BDx data centers, HKG2 is a highly secure and resilient carrier neutral facility, providing tailored colocation services and flawless operating conditions for mission-critical equipment and applications.

To meet today’s digital demands and evolving transformation timelines, BDx data center locations are strategically selected and modernized with the most powerful solutions and services to meet your needs. What’s more, BDx recently unveiled BDx 360°, an intelligent portal that provides a holistic view into your infrastructure investments and helps you manage your services from anywhere 24x7x365 days a year.

Inside HKG2

A modern, purpose-built data center, HKG2 exceeds enterprise standards and provides unparalleled service steered by the industry’s most knowledgeable and certified team. With 1,699 racks and access to multiple connected carriers, HKG2 houses two physically diverse MMRs with separate utility holes and lead-in pipes. Designed with sustainability at the forefront, HKG2 features high-efficiency water-cooled chillers with N + 1 redundancy and thermal storage tanks for uninterruptible cooling and a 1.53 Design Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). 

HKG2 delivers 24x7x36 security monitored by BDx’s Global Data Centre Operations team.To further optimize security for our customers, racks, cages, and private rooms are secured with locking mechanisms and 24/7 CCTV monitoring, guard patrols, and two-factor authentication (biometric and card) is required at all entry/exit points. 

With a redundant uninterruptible power supply, precision air conditioning, environmental controls and fire protection, HKG2  has a gross area of 3,800 m2 and delivers 3.6 MW of critical power. Holding multiple certifications from ISO 27001 and TIA/EIA 942 to PCI/DSS and more, HKG2 empowers organizations with everything needed to securely scale and transform locally and across the globe. 

Ready for a closer look? Watch the HKG2 virtual tour now!

Why HKG2? 

Whether you’re looking for cross connects, hybrid solutions, space and power, or managed IT, HKG2 is the smartest choice in Hong Kong. As part of BDx’s Pan Asian data center cluster, HKG2 provides a protective cocoon over your data center assets with a multitude of sophisticated solutions and services to better manage your environment. HKG2 meets your demands with the highest level of integrity, unmatched support and best-in-class service.

HKG2 Snapshot:

No. of racks: 1,699

Gross area: 3,800 m2

Power capacity: 3.5MW

PUE: 1.53

Tier: Ⅲ

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