BDx Global
Operating Platform

The BDx Global Operating Platform is a purpose-built centralized model for running our data centers globally in a standardized manner with all tools and service operations centers operating in fail safe manner to provide the highest possible uptime and consistent customer experience. Our goal is that whether you’re hosted in Singapore or in China, you’ll receive the same great experience.

BDx uses proprietary tools and systems to monitor all our sites centrally and globally around the clock. This doesn’t mean that the local data center’s operations teams aren’t monitoring each of their environments. It means that we have dedicated teams proactively monitoring each data center to ensure high-availability and to react quickly to changing situations.

Every minute counts when there are incidents and our Global Service Operations Center is able to dispatch the right people to respond to issues for each data center. Our systems are setup so that the appropriate people are alerted as soon as there are issues identified. This coupled with our integrated global collaboration tools enable efficient and seamless communication between global teams for quick information sharing so problems can be resolved quickly.

What this all means for our customers is peace of mind that they are in good hands with the BDx Global Operations team. All our operational processes and procedures are ISO 27001:2013 and ISO: 20000 certified.