BDx Data Center Spotlight: Introducing HKG1, Premier Hong Kong Data Center

The next stop on BDx’s Data Center Spotlight Series tour brings us to Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, home of BDx’s signature data center, HKG1. As Hong Kong’s former industrial hub, Wong Chuk Hang is now a thriving tech scene, booming with creativity, innovation and the arts. Its close proximity to the city and other hot digital markets make it the perfect location for BDx’s premier colocation and data center facility. 

Located on the south side of Hong Kong Island, BDx’s HKG1 resides alongside some of the world’s most influential brands. 

Breathtaking view of Hong Kong Island from The Peak

Fragrant Harbor, Innovative Island Side 

Affectionately known as the “Island Side,” Hong Kong Island is the second-largest island in the region and is separated from the mainland by Victoria Harbour. The island bolsters a sophisticated transportation system, modern infrastructure and the highest number of towering skyscrapers in the world. It’s also one of the world’s top tourist destinations. 

Hong Kong is exploding with cutting-edge technology and has one of the strongest economies globally. Its unique culture, rich ancient history and man-made marvels, combined with its dedication to innovation, smart city initiatives and tech, make it a prime destination for businesses scaling across APAC and the globe. 

Top Location, Top Conditions 

Each BDx data center location is carefully selected and developed to meet today’s evolving demands and accelerated digital transformation timelines. 

Situated at The Hub, HKG1 services customers across a multitude of verticals, including OTT, financial and professional services, local and global enterprises, telecom, healthcare and government. As with all BDx data centers, HKG1 delivers highly-secure and flawless operating conditions for mission-critical equipment and applications.

Inside HKG1

A state-of-the-art data center, HKG1 exceeds industry standards and is staffed with the most knowledge and certified team. Its critical and customer impacting infrastructure is located on raised floor beds, and the data center has earthing and lightning protection systems installed. With MMRs integrated across our operating footprint and access to multiple connected carriers, HKG1 houses two physically diverse MMRs with separate utility holes and lead-in pipes. 

The facility was designed with sustainability in mind and features high-efficiency water-cooled chillers with N + 1 redundancy and thermal storage tanks for uninterruptible cooling and up to 1.5 kW/m² cooling density. 

With security being of utmost importance, HKG1 delivers a robust protection of racks, cages, and private rooms with secured locking mechanisms and 24/7 CCTV monitoring and guard patrols. Moreover, two-factor authentication (biometric and card) is required at all entry/exit points, and security is monitored around the clock by BDx’s Global Data Centre Operations team.

HKG1 delivers redundant uninterruptible power supply, precision air conditioning, environmental controls and fire protection. HKG1 holds ISO 27001, TVRA and PCI/DSS certifications and is powered by AI to deploy the most valuable insights needed to scale and transform. 

Ready for a closer look? Watch the HKG1 virtual tour now! 

Why HKG1? 

When you’re looking for data center infrastructure management, space and power, cross-connects, or a full-spectrum hybrid cloud partner, HKG1 is the top choice in Hong Kong. 

In a world where virtualization holds the key to unlocking new possibilities for your business, and physical infrastructure is vital, HKG1 provides a cocoon over your data center assets. With the most secure housing and sophisticated solutions for your hybrid ecosystem, BDx promises you won’t get better service anywhere else on the planet. That’s our BDx promise! 

If you’re ready for BIG Ideas, BIG Innovation, and BIG Results, HKG1 awaits.  

HKG1 Snapshot:

No. of racks: 1,288

Gross area: 11,148 m2

Power capacity: 4.5MW

PUE: 1.8

Tier: Ⅲ

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