BDx Data Center Spotlight : Introducing CAN1, BDx’s Flagship Data Center in Guangzhou

The next stop on BDx’s Data Center Spotlight Series tour brings us to Guangzhou, China, home of BDx’s flagship data center, CAN1. As the Guangdong Province capital, Guangzhou is the third-largest city in China and one of the first ports for export and import trade in China. Referred to as the City of Spike, Guangzhou is best known for its vigorous free trade and has always been considered a first-tier city with a low cost of doing business.

Along Guangzhou’s Luogang District, northwest of Hong Kong, you will find BDx’s CAN1 data center. As avant-garde in technology as the city’s architecture, such as the iconic Canton TV Tower skyscraper, CAN1 is just minutes from all local transportation hubs and the GZ central business district. 

Guangzhou’s iconic Canton TV Tower skyscraper

Guangzhou’s Innovation Boom

According to the Global Innovation Index 2019, Guangzhou is among the top 100 Science and Technology Clusters in the world. What’s more, the city recently spent 15 billion RMB on building infrastructure, such as a deep-sea ecosystem, a dynamic wide-range velocity vehicle test unit, human cell lineage, and more. 

With a population of over 14 million people, Guangzhou is evolving to become one of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic tech cities. In fact, almost 60% of the world’s top 500 companies are invested in Guangzhou, positioning it as a global powerhouse. BDx is excited to grow and evolve with Guangzhou and welcome local and global companies to our CAN1 location and our Pan-Asian cluster of data centers.

As enterprises look to scale, Guangzhou presents a myriad of opportunities and benefits. With the demand for computing power on the rise due to the surge of 5G, wearable devices, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, leaders are turning to innovative data centers to achieve BIG results. 

Inside CAN1 

CAN1, a state-of-the-art colocation facility, provides dynamic data center solutions designed to meet the needs of global and regional entities. From multinational enterprises, financial service firms and e-commerce companies to transportation, manufacturing and more, CAN1 is Guangzhou’s top data center and colo provider. 

With 1,200 racks and a 4.8MW capacity, CAN1 offers world-class infrastructure to accommodate today’s digital demands. This facility was designed with digital transformation in mind, leading your business into the future with cutting-edge capabilities, advanced infrastructure, and a multitude of cloud connectivity options.

As part of the BDx data center cluster, we assure 99.999%+ power availability as the standard SLA. CAN1 has a 1.7 PUE and a gross area of 7,511m2 with a dual power source to each rack, with no single point of failure. From high-efficiency chillers and cooling towers to chilled water pumps, BDx is committed to sustainability across all of our facilities. 

Secure, Automated and Future-Proof 

In today’s day and age, our #BDxperts know that security is a top priority. CAN1 is proudly ISO 27001 certified, which is essential for keeping your data housed in our facility – protected from security threats, including cybercrimes, data breaches and viral attacks. Moreover, the facility is TIER 3 certified and holds multiple other industry-leading certifications. 

CAN1 customers can easily integrate both their physical and virtual infrastructures via the BDx Single Pane into a managed hybrid ecosystem, connecting the CAN1 location through a highly automated cluster of data centers globally via BDx SoftConnect. Additionally, customers can take advantage of our entire highly automated solution suite, powered by AI technology, including BDx’s intelligent customer portal. 

With traveling bans and COVID-19 concerns still upon us, CAN1 and all of our data centers provide customers with virtual facility inspections, completion of DDs using local independent third-party assessors and BDx Smart Hands to remotely deploy.

CAN1 is ready for its close-up. Watch the CAN1 virtual tour below:

Why CAN1? 

Whether your business needs just space and power, a full-spectrum hybrid solution or edge capabilities, CAN1 has you covered. With so much to focus on now more than ever, let BDx concentrate on providing you the best housing for your hybrid ecosystem. Because, when it comes to delivering physical infrastructure and associated cloud connectivity, you won’t get better service anywhere else. That’s the BDx promise.

CAN1 Snapshot:

No. of racks: 1,200

Gross area: 7,511  m2

Power capacity: 4.8 MW

PUE: 1.7

Tier: Ⅲ

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