Introducing: BDx Smart Hands – Remote Infrastructure Management Service from BDx

In today’s day and age, businesses need the ability to manage their infrastructure from any location, any device, at any time. Knowing the value and importance of this capability, the BDxperts developed BDx Smart Hands, a robust service that empowers organizations with access to highly trained DC operations staff 24x7x365. Intelligent and skilled to be your hands at our data centers without your physical presence, BDx Smart Hands enables you with the freedom and mobility to remotely manage your data center environment across our state-of-the-art facilities.

Each BDx service is meticulously tested and revised until it meets BDx’s rigorous standards, and BDx Smart Hands is no exception! Integrated with our centralized 24x7x365 Global Service Desk, BDx Smart Hands has your back!

The Power of BDx Smart Hands

With the addition of BDx Smart Hands, customers can experience a simple and consistent customer experience globallyAt BDx, customer experience is our obsession, and simplicity is our game. By partnering with our customers to resolve a multitude of emergency and routing technical tasks, we become an extended team of the customer’s IT team. BDx Smart Hands allows us to offer this unmatched level of experience, regardless of where your teams are geographically and regardless of the BDx data center where your mission-critical IT infrastructure is housed.

An Extension of Your IT Team

When subscribed to BDx Smart Hands, BDx’s 24x7x365 Global Service Desk is your single point of contact. Alternatively, you can also initiate Smart Hands through our digital interface Performing requests on your behalf, BDx Smart Hands delivers timely updates, so you have the data needed to meet digital transformation timelines and other initiatives successfully.

Our highly-qualified and trained BDx Global Service Desk and Global Operations team have extensive colocation and data center experience, so you can be confident you’re in the best hands. As this team flawlessly executes infrastructure and other tasks, it frees up your precious IT resources, enabling them to concentrate on your core business and generating ROI.

Let’s Take a Look Into the Key Features of BDx Smart Hands:

Power Cycling Options

  • BDx Smart Hands can power cycle your servers, router and switches. Additionally, BDx can plug in or unplug hot-swappable network and peripheral cards.

Equipment Installation

  • With BDx Smart Hands, equipment installation (rack-and-stack) has never been easier! Let our #BDxperts unpack and move your equipment to or within your racks.

Cabling and Connections

  • BDx powers you with the ability to plugin, unplug and remove inter-patch cable(s) to and from the port located within the same rack, as per your specifications. What’s more, BDx Smart Hands gives you the power to remotely extend your ad-hoc patch cables from patch panels to equipment within the same rack. Also, you have the ability to label and re-label installed cables.

Report Generation

  • BDx Smart Hands service provides power consumption, temperature and humidity reports, and accesses logs and snapshots of CCTV footage with customized monthly reports.


  • We know travel is even more difficult than ever. With BDx Smart Hands, conduct a visual check of your equipment, and we’ll even take and send digital photos of your installed equipment.

Tape Changes

  • Let our team perform ad-hoc and routine tape changes on your behalf.

Escorted Access

  • We can physically escort 3rd party vendors to your space and have them under observation during the task completion as required. 

Our Hands are Your Hands

BDx Smart Hands, an extension of your IT team, affords you the opportunity to easily transform and scale across Asia and the globe. Whether you are looking for cable patching and testing within your racks or pre-wiring of patch panels and equipment, BDx Smart Hands is there to help you. Available across all of our BDx data centers, BDx Smart Hands is the smartest remote service available today.

To gain more insight on how BDx Smart Hands can accelerate your data center infrastructure needs, connect with a #BDxpert today.