From Fully Established to Newly Emerging, APAC’s Diverse Data Center Market Is Poised to Support Hyperscaler Growth

From Fully Established to Newly Emerging, APAC’s Diverse Data Center Market Is Poised to Support Hyperscaler Growth

Asia-Pacific has grown into a digital innovation hub. With its countries accounting for half of the world’s Internet users and nearly half of its global investments, the APAC region has exploded with opportunities. As cloud adoption and data usage skyrocket to record-breaking heights, the need for more bandwidth and best-in-class data centers to support hyperscale growth is more critical than ever. In fact, by 2027, the APAC data center market is expected to witness at least US$94 billion in investments and hyperscale cloud revenue is anticipated to scale past US$221 billion, representing a third of global revenue. 

The demand for robust digital infrastructure to support many developed Asia-Pacific hyperscaler hubs like Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan has never been greater. However, other areas, such as India, Indonesia,Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam, are also catching the eye of hyperscalers as they rapidly build highly efficient, best-in-class data centers and a dependable digital infrastructure to support them. Learn more about the benefits of various APAC markets — large, small, emerging or fully developed — and how they are meeting hyperscalers’ evolving needs, all while driving digital growth. 

APAC Data Centers Are Ramping Up to Meet Hyperscaler Needs

APAC is one of the fastest growing data center markets in the world. As cloud adoption continues to soar and businesses in this region continue to expand their cloud-computing and AI capabilities, both hyperscalers and enterprises looking to grow on a global scale are recognizing Asia Pacific as an ideal location to set up shop. Thanks to its digital savvy populations, growing digital economies and ample room to expand in both established and emerging markets, data center providers, including BDx Data Centers, are ramping up their colocation facilities and digital infrastructure to meet hyperscalers where they want to be. The APAC data center construction market is expected to reach more than $24 billion by 2028 from $15 billion in 2022, according to a recent report from Research and Markets.

“A unique dynamic is emerging across APAC, where there is a combination of very mature data center markets, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, and smaller, emerging markets, such as Jakarta and Vietnam,” said Mayank Srivastava, CEO of BDx Data Centers. “Each market, whether fully developed or less developed, plays a role in contributing to expanded digital growth.”

As the demand for connectivity grows, high-tech, state-of-the-art data centers are popping up at a rapid rate across emerging APAC markets, taking on the overflow of more established markets that are at or near capacity. These new data centers are opening up a world of opportunity for hyperscalers to expand connectivity quickly, while also saving on time and costs. 

Hyperscalers Reap the Benefits of Leasing from Readily Available Data Centers

To deploy massive capacity and support record levels of cloud computing workloads,  hyperscalers are moving quickly to get up and running across APAC. But building a facility from the ground up can take years, and hyperscalers don’t have time to wait. To save time, not to mention massive amounts of capital, hyperscalers are leveraging already-established data centers — many of them in emerging markets in close proximity to established markets. Leasing space from an existing data center in an emerging market offers a bevy of benefits including:

  • The ability to effectively scale operations as demand grows and leverage more flexibility in terms of resource and asset management 
  • Lower talent and infrastructure costs
  • A solid pool of real estate inventory with the highest level of security, connectivity and sustainability to build bespoke, future-proof data centers. 

APAC Offers a Bright Future for Hyperscalers
There is no doubt data centers will continue to expand across APAC to support hyperscale growth, reaching both established and emerging markets for many years to come. At BDx Data Centers, our future-proof facilities and services are designed to enable transformation, empowering hyperscalers to stay competitive and connected. From Singapore to Indonesia and the many emerging markets in between, our purpose-built data centers are more than prepared to meet tomorrow’s connectivity needs. 

Selecting BDx as your data center partner gives you access to the following: 

  • Strategic Land Acquisition – Proximity to power grids and CLS with multiple fiber access paths
  • Customer-Centric Design – Achieving high-quality infrastructure builds with a vendor-neutral approach
  • Proven Delivery – Demonstrated record of 100% on-time project delivery
  • Higher-Rated Operations – Track record of consistent operational excellence
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – A comprehensive approach to delivering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Most Advanced Digital Delivery Platform – Includes point of convergence for the digital supply chain ecosystem and a carrier-neutral digital infrastructure platform with a network-dense ecosystem
  • CLS Proximity – Proximity to subsea cable system and cable landing stations (CLS)
  • Customized Colocation Services – Flexible packages provide the space, power and connectivity to meet your requirements
  • Green Design and Sustainable Energy – Award-winning sustainable data center designs and key collaborations with like-minded partners
  • Secure Infrastructure – Multi-layered security supporting ease of access and validation protocols

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