Cybersecurity in the Digital Era

Just like a mask can help protect you from the novel coronavirus, your cybersecurity strategy is vital to protecting your entire enterprise from a lethal cyber-attack. As we continue the path ahead with an expanded rise in remote workforces, supported massively by next-gen technologies and cloud-powered platforms, you need to ensure business continuity across your organization with a rethought and resilient cybersecurity plan.

With digital transformations accelerating across the globe even before the COVID era, what the pandemic has done is increase the velocity manifold. Mass adoption of work-from-home (WFH) technologies as part of an existential strategy has led to exponential use of private devices, home networks and cloud services like never before. Your cybersecurity blueprint must be robust, rapidly scalable and capable of securing dispersed virtual environments. ‘Cyber Resilience’ is the new goal, and this means business continuity and incident responses have to become strategic capital.

Cyber Danger Ahead 

‘Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse’ Greek playwright Sophocles wrote, and this rings true for the digital future. The digital future is all about hyperconnectivity over 4g / 5g, data repositories in the data centers and the cloud, the rapidly transforming Internet of Things and the consequent explosion in devices. The pandemic was just the perfect storm waiting to happen. As disheartening as this is, according to a recent report, there was a 350% increase in cybercrime techniques since COVID-19 altered the world. During the height of the outbreak, malicious emails using subjects containing COVID-19 and related keywords carrying Remote Administration Tools delivered ransomware and info stealer malware in attacks across multiple industries worldwide. It goes without saying, that even without a pandemic in the mix, cybersecurity remains paramount as serious danger lies ahead. 

Your Armour in a Disrupted World  

As we move into a disrupted future, enterprises must increase their vigilance, techniques and preparedness, so that attacks are mitigated, and loss is prevented. Here in the APAC region, home to the fastest-growing IoT market, cyber hygiene is vital as we intensify our digitization efforts. With remote work commanding an increase in cloud adoption and data center demands, organizations will require a more secure digital foundation. Therefore, BDx created a future-proof security solution, BDx Armour, to shield and protect your infrastructure. Fused with our leading security experts’ expertise, BDx Armour helps build a protective cocoon for your critical infrastructure.

Coupled with our BDx Single Pane for easy correlation and management of your hybrid ecosystem, BDx Armour has open APIs to consume data from other sources in the cybersecurity domain from phishing, compliance, data leakage and threat intelligence. This sophisticated solution enables our #BDxperts to leverage the community and our partners to keep broad basing our capabilities.

We’re Only Human 

Year after year, human error continues to be responsible for a large number of corporate breaches. Employees need to be more knowledgeable and aware of the significant role and responsibility they play in cybersecurity. Organizations have to look at an integrated life cycle approach for continuous data and application availability across the attack continuum. Cyber resilience must encompass the whole gamut of devices and data repositories, both on-premise, in the data center or the cloud. At the same time, we cannot have an effective cyber resilience plan without involving the end-user.

Data, including security data, will continue to explode in today’s increasingly remote world. As everybody shifts to a cloud-based, automated, and user-centric security strategy, it is essential to rethink and reanalyze your cybersecurity plan’s intricacy and depth. Think of your security model as one that must withstand the next wave and the next battle. With billions of dollars being lost yearly in cybercrimes, it’s your job to defend your organization’s reputation, sensitive data, and bottom line. When enlisting BDx as your partner, your security will be placed into the hands of experts ready to defend your business. 

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