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Digital Transformations powering growth, with our Partner Ecosystem 

BDx is committed to powering digital transformations and sustainability across mission critical infrastructure for IT workloads, continuously striving to deliver world class ease of operations.

Together with our rich and strategic partner ecosystem, customers can leverage our combined increased geographical reach, colocation expertise across key strategic business hubs, harnessing carrier neutral interconnections footprint along with our unique hybrid ecosystems for their diverse and continuously evolving business needs.

Building an ecosystem for scale & sustainability

We strive to create an ecosystem that is dedicated to solving the problems of not just today, but also the future. Our unique bouquet of products, services and ideologically aligned partners spanning across geographies, empower you with an ecosystem that is scalable, sustainable and digitally transformative for your growth in years to come.

Connect with our partners and get the right solutions for you and your customers’ needs. Our partners, like us, are always on the edge of innovation and offer customized solutions. 


360°View is a hybrid infrastructure management platform that accelerates your digital transformation strategy with an eye towards a more sustainable future. Built by experts from the data center and cloud industries, 360°View is the ultimate tool to measure and reduce your carbon footprint. BDx deploys 360°View to power BDx Single Pane and BDx 360.
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EXA Infrastructure

BDx’s and EXA’s combined expanded geographical portfolio lets customers easily avail data center services and network infrastructure giving them access to major data centers, cloud on-ramps, peering hubs and content hubs across China, SEA, North America and Europe. Get unmatched solutions through EXA’s 14 data centers & 112,000 routes km fibre networks as well as BDx’s 6 data centers and ever-growing pool of interconnection partners and network fabric providers.
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