BDx Interconnections

Making digital transformation a reality with our carrier neutral interconnection solutions.

Interconnection Map

Plug into an ever increasing ecosystem of public clouds, carriers and internet exchanges securely. Keeping your hybrid business workloads working at best possible performance, stability and security is our goal.

Helps connect your digital workloads to providers and partners seamlessly

Our network fabric, BDx SoftConnect™ helps self provision interconnections

Delivers cloud on ramp to securely scale into the cloud

BDx SoftConnect™ is a software-defined fabric that helps customers within a BDx data center to connect to a network provider, cloud connectivity provider or SaaS provider, based on their preferences and performance requirements.

The ability to manage the IT workload present in a colocation environment and allow it to burst elastically over multiple cloud connectivity providers present in the MMR while providing valuable Layer 3+ intelligence, security, and automation helps BDx to deliver an intelligent value-added offering to our customers