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Why a data center In Nanjing, China?

Scaling your business to take advantage of China’s new
development policy needs a borderless data center.

BDx is a pan-Asian data center cluster that allows you to seamlessly connect and easily manage your IT infrastructure and content exchange.

While there are advantages to single-carrier data centers, this arrangement limits where and how data can be shared – a challenge to corporations operating globally while colocating in China.

Finding a data center that is carrier neutral is often cited as the foremost challenge in China. Larger and growing businesses require a robust network that is a borderless as they are.

BDx has partnered with multiple carriers to bring you a truly carrier-neutral data center in the heart of Nanjing. By partnering with a number of telecom carriers and cloud service providers, NKG1 provides high quality bandwidth and low latency cross border connectivity solutions for our customers.

Bill Gao

EVP and CEO, Greater China

“Our new Nanjing data center (NKG1) is strategically located in the geographic center of the newly defined Yangtze River Delta, China’s richest region and the country’s biggest import and export base. Its location and connectivity help BDx form a network hub designed to meet rising internet and cloud exchange demands from international and domestic customers.”


No. of racks


Gross area


Critical Power




  • Widest possible Carrier Neutrality
  • BGP Bandwidth ready
  • Multi-Cloud Access
  • Good Cross-Border Solutions
  • Abundant IPs as Bundled Service
  • Racks, Cages, Suites with Secured Locks
  • Dual Power Source to each Rack
  • Advanced Fire Protection System
  • N+1 diesel generator redundancy
  • Water-cooled chillers; N+1 redundancy
  • Thermal storage tanks; non-stop cooling
  • 2N Distributed UPS (2 x 4800 kVA)
  • 2 x 7.5 MVA Utility Supply
  • Certifications:
    - Uptime Tier III Design
    - CQC-A

Site visits for NKG1 are limited. Sign up before February 28th to secure your opportunity.