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Full Time

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Stationed in Singapore, the job holder will be managing procurement for our existing and proposed data centers in pan Asia regions and the global, including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, India.


• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field.

• 5 + years of experience in Procurement - Data Centre business.

• Proven experience in procurement of Long Lead Electrical / Mechanical equipment.

• Experience in sourcing General Contractors for Green/Brown Field Constructions for date centre business.

• Experience in using supply chain management processes/software and tools.

• In-depth knowledge of preparing and reviewing contracts, invoicing, and negotiation terms.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

• Multi-tasking and time-management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks.

• Highly organized and detail-oriented.

• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.


• Manage procurement for existing and proposed data centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, India etc.

• Manage RFP and procurement process.

• Manage Global MSA with vendors for centralised ordering and better discounts.

• Manage LLE purchase.

• Act as a point of contact between the company and suppliers.

• Manage, source and engage reliable suppliers and vendors based on project requirements.

• Commercial negotiation with suppliers and vendors on contracts, terms and deadlines to secure advantageous terms.

• Monitor and update relevant departments regarding price fluctuations of goods and vendor pricing.

• Review existing contracts with suppliers and vendors to ensure on-going feasibility.

• Build and maintain long-term relationships with vendors and suppliers.

• Manage an efficient flow of goods to ensure optimum production.

• Process purchase orders to acquire goods.

• Developing procurement strategies that are inventive and cost-effective.

• Purchases Tracking of Capex/Opex separately vs Budgets and organizing and confirming delivery of goods and services.

• Performing risk assessments on potential contracts and agreements.

• Controlling the procurement budget and promoting a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs.

• Work closely with the legal department to ensure contract terms are favorable to the company.

• Attend meetings with the legal team, engineering team, vendors and suppliers.

• Perform ad hoc task assigned.

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